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Hey, I'm Olivia

It's nice to e-meet you! If you were in my ~real life~ vs my digital home, I'd invite you straight into the kitchen, telling you to kick your shoes off and ignore the mean cat. I'd have snacks out and see what you need to drink (I'm greek and irish and grew up in a big food family - we cannot entertain, big or small, without snacks!!). Since we are here in my digital home, please grab whatever makes you comfy - snacks? slippers? tea? Yes to all for me, please - and come hang around for a few. We will talk shop soon, but for now stick around and get to know me - then reach out via my contact page, or come find me on socials, shoot me and email; say hi! introduce yourself, so I can get to know you!! This whole connection thing works when it's two way - please consider this my invite in, my wave hi, my outstretched hand - I am waiting to meet you!